The question the last few years that all footie fans have been asking. Who is better? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? I will be listing their records and accolade and YOU decide. 



Ronaldo’s Accolades:

  1. Holds record of being the athlete with most fans on Facebook (56,700, 70 Fans, Messi has 44,953,189) <–this fact is like SUPER important.
  2. Most expensive player in history when going to Real Madrid from Manchester United for 80 million pounds, equivalent to 122 million dollars.
  3. Manchester United’s first ever Portuguese Player.
  4. Only player ever to play in Sportings U-16, U-17, U-18, B-team, and First team in one season.
  5. Broke George Best’s record for most goals by a winger with 33 goals, which was set in 1967-1968 (Best had 32 goals).
  6. Second player ever to receive the PFA Player of the Year Award and PFA Young Player Award in one season (Andy Gray 76-77 was the first).
  7. Ronaldo and Alan Shearer have the joint record of 31 goals in the Premier League since the league changed to a 38 game season (Andy Cole has 34 goals in 42 games).
  8. His presentation for Real Madrid was attended by 80,000 fans at Santiago Bernabeu, surpassing Maradona’s record of 75,000 when he presented for Napoli.
  9. First Premier League player to win FIFA World Player of the Year.
  10. A 3 time winner of Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year (voted by United Fans).
  11. In Real, he broke a club record when he scored in a league match against Villareal and thus becoming the first ever player to score in his first four La Liga matches.
  12. First ever La Liga player in history to score 40 goals in two seasons and in consecutive seasons.First player to score against every single team in one season (Messi broke it this year,2012-13 campaign, but we’ll get to that in a bit).
  13. First player to score against every single team in one season (Messi broke it this year,2012-13 campaign, but we’ll get to that in a bit).
  14. First and only player to win the European Golden boot in two different leagues (in which he sold one to raise money for a school in Palestine).
  15. Only player to score in FA cup, League Cup, Copa Del Rey, and Champions League finals.



Messi’s Accolades:

  1. Messi has tied Ronaldo’s record of last season of scoring against every single team this season (2012-2013 season), only he’s done it in consecutive matches.
  2. Messi has beaten Pole Teodor Pewterek record after scoring his 17th consecutive game in March when he scored a late goal against Deportivo de la Corunha, beating it by two more games. That’s equivalent to half an entire season.
  3. Messi broke Gerd Muller’s record of total goals in a calendar year. Muller had 85 goals for club and country in 1972. Messi finished 2012 with 91 goals.
  4. Messi also beat Muller’s record for goals in a single season. Muller’s 67 was beaten by Messi’s 73 in the 2011-2012 campaign.
  5. As of right now, Messi has 57 goals with eight games left this season (nine if Barca books a ticket to the Champions league final in Wembley), he can, under his circumstances, beat his own record.
  6. Holds the record for most La Liga hat tricks in one season with 8.
  7. Only player to be the leading goal scorer of the Champions League for four years STRAIGHT!!!
  8. Holds the joint record of scoring 12 goals for Argentina in a single year (Batistuta or Bati-gol is the other)
  9. Has tied the record for most goals in El Classico with 18 goals. The record was held by Real legend, Alfredo Di Stefano.
  10. Messi beat La Liga’s record of 41 goals (held by Cristiano Ronaldo) by breaking it the following season with 50 goals.
  11. Messi is the leading goal scorer of all competitions for Barcelona with 308 goals. This is a subject to change. By the time he retires the goal category will just say “???”.
  12. Only player to win FIFA’s Player of the Year award 4 times and consecutively.

The Verdict

I am completely bias because I’m Portuguese and us Portuguese are proud people, so of course I’m going to be behind my fellow country men, Cristiano Ronal-gooollll! I must admit though, watching Lionel Messi with the ball is truly one of the most beautiful things to watch in football (Ronaldo having his hair done for matches is up there) in this day and age and maybe we are truly blessed to have two monsters of the game to be out in the same time. I remember the days when players like Steven Gerrard, Henry, Figo, Zidane, Shevchenko, Raul, and I can keep going were so hard to separate as the best. Now we have these two players and third tends to always change nowadays. Either it’s, Iniesta, Xavi, Gareth Bale, or Falcao. I will not consider Neymar because he needs to come over the pond and play in the real leagues in Europe. In the end, it’s up to the person and how they view the beautiful game. No one is right when it comes to opinions. Like CR7 said “You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche because it’s a different engine. You cannot compare them.”.


Steve Serra